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been lurking awhile again

July 15th, 2009 at 11:15 am

and finally decided to re-start a blog. This time I'm going to try to do a daily post, to hopefully keep me on track.

Our main focus around here right now is preparing for Disney, so being frugal has sort of fallen by the wayside. :-) We leave in three weeks. Yesterday dh got a $200 bonus, which we will use for either gas or hotel expenses. (We are driving, and planning on taking 2 days to do it. It's a 21 hr drive).

Things have been tight around here because of it. Dh makes an adequate wage, but the trip expenses are making us cut back on our groceries and extra things we normally do. Yeah, it will be worth it, that's what I keep telling myself. LOL! This trip actually has 2 purposes: one of course is the Mouse, but the other one is that we are planning to move to Florida, so this is a way for us to scout out the area and see how we handle the heat. I'm just so tired of living in a state where we have winter six months out of the year, and our summers haven't been real warm either.

Today is a no-spend day. We'll have chicken for supper because that's what we have in the freezer. Tomorrow I will have to make a grocery run, which in itself is a frustrating process as the prices seem to rise weekly.

6 Responses to “been lurking awhile again”

  1. north georgia gal Says:

    Welcome back! You will enjoy your trip and then get back on track, I am sure!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Welcome back!

    My neighbor took sandwhich fixings individual applesauce and mandarin orange containers, as well as, cereal with bowls and spoons to Disney World as a way to save on food. That is where one of biggest expenses were. We could have done better if we needed to. They will let you take food into the parks.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I doubt if you can stand the heat in Florida. I couldn't and I lived there for almost 30 years. Now, I live in the mountains of N. Georgia and it is much cooler. I love it here.

  4. jewels3 Says:

    We're on the dining plan, so most meals are already paid for. We'll just have about 4 breakfasts we'll have to account for, and those we will be eating in our room, bringing cereal along. The fruit cups are a good idea.

    Florida can get really really hot, I know. But I'm so tired of living here where from Nov - April you are dealing with snow and bitter cold temps at times and not being able to do much outdoors at all. Can you tell I'm so not a winter person? :-) I would love to plant a garden in the fall! Here that is totally not an option.

  5. NJDebbie Says:


    I'm with you! I live in northern NJ and hate our winters, so I welcome any chance to get out of the cold. Ima saver is so right, summers in Florida are brutal. I bought the water bottles with fans so that we can keep a little cooler at Disney. They were worth the money and the memories we have. Have fun and welcome back!

  6. Jerry Says:

    It is amazing how having something to look forward to can help us to focus in and be more disciplined on finances - and other matters, as well! I think it just gives us some insurance that we will keep the future in mind when making decisions, rather than just living for the moment.

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