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Monsters University

July 7th, 2013 at 09:56 pm

We went to see this movie today. Now we rarely go out to movies. We saw Wreck it Ralph at Downtown Disney, but that was a special Disney blog promotion and free to us. But before that, I think the last movie we paid to see was Toy Story 3, so that tells you how often we go.

We saw the matinee, which was $7.75, $2 cheaper than the regular showing. And we didn't choose 3D which would have been an additional $2 charge. But yes we did get popcorn and soda.

So not a frugal afternoon, but it was fun, and it was a great movie.

1 Responses to “Monsters University”

  1. laura (momcents) Says:

    We splurged at saw it first run, at a matinee, 3D. Snack purchased at CVS. Total outlay was $56 for seven of us. Don't think we'll be doing it again for a long time.

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